NEHS at Alief ISD

The National Elementary Honor Society (NEHS) was established in 2008 by the National Association of Secondary School Principals(NASSP) in partnership with the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP). NEHS recognizes students in both public and nonpublic elementary schools for their outstanding academic achievement and demonstrated personal responsibility. 

Through Alief ISD's NEHS Chapters, students provide meaningful service to the school and community and develop essential leadership skills. NEHS supports these purposes by strengthening the lives of our students and school. NEHS acknowledges achievement and focuses on the needs of the total child. In addition, NEHS provides information and resources to enhance the culture of achievement in the whole school, not merely the culture of a select few.

As the nation's newest student recognition program, NEHS joins the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) and National Honor Society (NHS), the nation's two oldest and largest student recognition programs, in creating a continuum of excellence being established throughout the elementary, middle, and high school education community.


To qualify for an invitation to become a member of NEHS potential members must:

  • Must maintain a cumulative, overall elementary school average of 85.0% in ALL courses with numerical grades and have no failing final grades in any courses. 

  • Must have been enrolled at the school for at least one full semester.

  • Must abide by Cornerstone Elementary School's NEHS Chapter By-Laws.

  • Must demonstrate sound and effective leadership, admirable citizenship, and trustworthy character at Cornerstone Elementary School's and in the community. 

  • Must participate in and have transportation to any NEHS Chapter community service projects.

Students will be invited to apply to NEHS during the months of March or April if they met the 85 or higher scholarly criteria. Students who received an application and submit it prior to the designated deadline will then be evaluated on the three remaining NEHS pillars by the Campus Faculty Council:  Responsibility, Service and Character.

Students who are accepted into Alief ISD's NEHS will be expected to take part in the Induction Ceremony which takes place in late spring or early fall.   

Sneed Elementary Student Induction

NEHS Induction Chapter Information

Induction Date

Campus Name

Principal Name

Name of Primary Faculty/Chapter Advisor

Name of Secondary Faculty/Chapter Advisor


Mahanay Elementary

Aisha Johnson

Magen Glaude

Sanchia Familia Myrie


Liestman Elementary

Noe Galindo

Brandon Flournoy


Miller Elementary

Seymore Stewart

Courtney Young

Abigail Roy


Best Elementary

Brandan Clark

Fleneshia Padgett

Lawrence Palmer


Chancellor Elementary

Lisa Saarie

Marina Palacios Trujillo

Nancy Svizzero Nguyen


Hearne Elementary

Johanna Sanchez

Veronica Johnson

Joyce Garcia


Holmquist Elementary

Kimberly Toney

Maria Nelson

Krenesha King


Horn Elementary

Mary Starling

Dorothy Indelicato


Cummings Elementary

Jeanette Byrd

Rhaniece Choice


Hicks Elementary

Mary Kesler

Shantel Valyan

Keisha Stills


Sneed Elementary

Kristen Creeggan

La Tonya Martin

Judith Mervis


Budewig Intermediate

Tiffany Robinson

Patrice Keeton

Bawanda Vaughn


Alexander Elementary

Kathleen Di Felice

Martha Aitken

Shayna Yassine


Chambers Elementary

Zansia Solis

Kaitlyn Morgan

Beatriz Martinez


Martin Elementary

Heather Turner

Naomi M McMurray

Yamilet Camargo-Sagastizado


Smith Elementary

Jennifer Silva

Sherina Charles

Mayralee Aldrete


Petrosky Elementary

Tessia Brixey

Kia Douglas

Sarah Fruth


Rees Elementary

Mireya Lara

Geronima Lopez


Klentzman Intermediate

Amelia Tukes

Leanna Niemann

Danielle White


Heflin Elementary

Renee Canales

Baylee Jahn

Debbie Niko


Mata Intermediate

Amy Coleman-Diaz

Donna White

Alisha Graham


Owens Intermediate

Lorena Augustus

Cashaune Murphy

Elva Moore


Collins Elementary

Mytra Cunningham

Jennifer Taylor

Juliette Barcaz


Bush Elementary

Terae Harris

Aisha Toote

Crystalle Williams


Kennedy Elementary

Sara Caldwell

Ernisha McCoy-Burns

Daniel Gomez


Boone Elementary

Marlo Molinaro

Corrine Rosier


Outley Elementary

Dr. Sharonda Newby

Courtney Martin

Brian Meagher


Youens Elementary

Ruth Kaczmarek

Anita Sergio

Joel Moreno.


Youngblood Intermediate

Gwen Sandles

Susan Garcia

Charolyn Adams


Landis Elementary

Kelli Upshaw

Rhonda Johnson