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Alief ISD Librarians are the proud recipients of the Libraries Change Communities Award by the Texas Library Association.

his award goes to one public or school library each year, and Alief ISD is only the second school library program chosen for this honor. Alief ISD is the only Houston area school district to have been chosen.

 Over the last few years, the Alief ISD librarians have launched partnerships to bring literacy to the Alief Community:

  • Bringing Little Free Libraries to all our campuses

  • Expanding the digital and print resources available to our community members

  • Checking out mobile devices with hotspots to our homeless population

  • Bringing authors to students both physically and virtually via campus visits and author conventions

  • Increasing tenfold our print and electronic classroom libraries

  • Providing print resources and literacy opportunities to patrons during the pandemic.

We could not have launched these programs without the support of the Alief ISD Education Foundation, Blue Willow Bookshop, Books Between Kids, Dollar General, First Book, the Alief ISD Center for Advanced Careers and the Houston Public Library.

In Alief ISD, the goal of the librarians is to transform the literacy culture and provide access to everyone, all the time, everywhere.