Parking Info

Visitor Parking

Parents or legal guardians visiting campus must park in the Reserved Visitor Parking Area located by the main entrance on the High Star side.

Guidelines And Regulations For Student Parking

  1. All vehicles must be registered and display a current Elsik parking tag

  2. All student parking will be in the lots directly North of Elsik High School. Students may not park in any other parking areas

  3. Parking tags are to hang from the rearview mirror and be visible from the front of the car at all times

  4. In order to be eligible to park on the Elsik campus, a student must be 16 years old

  5. Students driving to school may not loiter in parking lots before or after school

  6. Cost will be $10.00 per parking tag

  7. Parking lot control checks will be held at various times. AISD police and Elsik administration will secure the lots.  Entry to parking areas will be allowed to vehicles with current parking tags

  8. Student vehicles parked on school property are subject to inspections by the school administration or AISD police if probable cause warrants such inspection

  9. The school is not responsible for theft, loss of property, or damage to vehicles while parked on the campus parking area

Students Violating Any Vehicle Code Established By Elsik Administration Or Aisd Policy Are Subject To Loss Of Parking Privileges  

Student parking tags may be purchased in Mr. Ordonez's office (Upstairs Central) before school starts, during lunch and after school hours.