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Introducing: SMART Tag

Dear Parents,

The SMART tag system helps increase safety, management, and communication of our students on our school buses.

 SMART tag will monitor loading, and unloading, providing real-time information to the district and families.


SMART tag helps:

-Driver, school, and parent awareness

-Accurately track pickup/arrival of stops

-Monitor driver duties

-Ensure Special Education and Pre-K students are released to authorized guardians


SMART tag Parent Portal

-Alerts: sign up for live-time updates

-Location: allows updated view of bus transportation routes

-Guardian Release: Allow parents to update authorize guardians



How it Works?

Students will be issued a barcoded ID that will be scanned by a SMART tablet upon entry of their bus, displaying their correct stops.

Once scanned, Transportation will be able to monitor all activity. This ID contains no student info.

To sign up for the Parent App for iOS or Android click here.