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Alief ISD has a new telephone system, and our extension numbers have changed.

Alief has a new telephone system. When dialing the district’s main number, 281-498-8110, please use the information below:

If you know your party’s five-digit extension:  Dial the five digit extension.

If you know your party’s four-digit extension:  Dial 7 + the four digit extension.

You can still dial “0” for the operator.



Alief ISD is getting a new telephone system, and our extension numbers are changing!  The entire installation process will take between 12 and 18 months.

If you enter a “current” extension number for an employee that has been converted to the new system, you will hear a fast, busy signal.  By dialing 281-498-8110 and pressing “0” for an operator, you can be transferred to your desired location.

As each campus/department is converted to the new telephone system, all users will be able to reach all other users.  If you are a four-digit dialer (old system) calling a new five-digit extension, please dial 2144 to access the ShoreTel menu.  You will then be prompted to enter the user’s five digit extension number.  If you are a five-digit dialer and need to reach a user who is on the old system, dial 7 plus the four-digit extension.  Please refer to the attached directory (updated weekly) for a complete listing of extension numbers.   Numbers underlined denote the new dialing plan for the ShoreTel system.

Nortel Phone - ShoreTel - Call 2144 - Enter the new five-digit extension at the prompt _ _ _ _ _

ShoreTel Phone - Nortel Phone - Call 7 _ _ _ _ (plus the old four-digit extension)


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