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Scholastic Art Winners

Eighteen Kerr students were honored by the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition for their artwork.  The following students were recognized for excellence in art:

Gold Key Recipients

     Kristy Chau  "Good Luck Wish"

     Damaris Espinosa  "Sharpie"

     Kelvin Lee  "Nemo"

     Kayle  Vu  "The Power Race"

Silver Key Recipients

     Brittney Nguyen  "Monkey Mind"

     Han Nguyen  "Dog Days"

     Sheila Nguyen "Shiny Shoes"

     Rosie Nguyen  "Slow Burn"

     Lan To  "Twisted Doll"

Honorable Mention

     Sahar Arain  "Piles of Soles"

     Cindy Fiscal  "Drowning with Nature"

     Dionnce Matamoros  "Lady Times"

     Admandaa Morgan  "Lover Boy"

     Cecilia Nguyen  "Oh No!"

     Chelsea Nguyen  "Bottled Up"

     Selphie Orozco  "I Wish I was Blind"

     Alison Vo  "Birthday Party with Pogo"

     Nhu Huynh  "Flight from Nui Sap"

Gold Key works are automatically considered for national-level recognition.

Congratulations to our outstanding art students!