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Virtual Parent Night

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 Welcome Back to School Hummingbirds and Families!  This is a virtual Parent Night Event.  Please follow the steps below to engage in this virtual experience.


  1. Please sign in using this link: 
  2.  Select this link for a message from our principal, Ms. Toney:
  3. Review the Holmquist Elementary Public Meeting 2020 PowerPoint
  4. Use this chart to find the parent night link for your child’s teacher
PK K 1 2 3 4 Life Skills
Ms.Tandon Ms.Baez-Salazar & Ms.Wall Ms.Akl Ms.Karouni and Ms.Serralde Mr.Brinson and Ms.Nzekwe Mrs.Arias and Ms.Rodas
Ms.Dennison Ms.Youssef Mrs.Akpan Ms.E.Martinez Mrs.Jackson and Mrs.Simmons Mr.Tadesse
Ms.Martinez Ms.Polk Ms.Stewart Ms.Chowdhury and Ms.A.Phan Ms.Chavoya and Ms.Rodriguez Mr.Duplechin
  Ms.Olivares Dr.Reyna and Ms.Muniz Ms.Costello and Ms.Faye Ms.Sanchez Ms.Hite and Ms.Risher
  Ms.Wilkes Ms.Alexander Mrs.Owusu and Ms.Ray Ms.Rodas Mrs.Jordan
  Ms.Phan Ms.Payton and Ms.Harris Ms.Washington Ms.Amos Ms.Dorsey and Ms.Mumphrey
  Ms.Kutiev   Mrs.Gomez Ms.Farris and Ms.Lackey Ms.Quezada and Ms.Rodriguez


If you would like to schedule a conference with your child’s teacher please fill out this Google Form.