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Welcome to the Hearne Elementary 2016 school year.

  "This is a new day, a new beginning."-Ahsoka Tano


Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year! We look forward to the return of our students…and partnering with you to help them to reach their academic potential. We want Hearne to be your school of choice! To make that a reality, we know there must be some changes on our part. We have preached customer service to our staff; making our students and parents a top priority. We want our students and parents to feel welcomed, therefore, we will work to improve in that area. We also want to continue providing creative learning opportunities for our students, and parents.


We think that all of our students should be challenged with STEAM education. STEM education refers to the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. STEAM education incorporates the “A” for the arts – recognizing that to be successful in technical fields, individuals must also be creative and use critical thinking skills which are best developed through exposure to the arts. Your children are preparing for 21st Century jobs that will require them to have the appropriate intellectual and technical skills. We think providing STEAM education is one of the steps to help them to develop those skills. We want to make sure we are preparing them to be the successes we know they can be!


So as the new school year approaches, work with us…push us…question us! Make sure we are prompting our students to live up to our motto: “Learning today, leading tomorrow!” If our students are to live up to that expectation, it will take a collaborative effort from us all (Students+Parents+Teachers+Staff+Business Partners) to make it a reality. Let’s make the 2016-2017 the best year, yet. Welcome back, Hearne Family!


Bertran Bilton


Hearne Elementary School

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" A man never stands as tall as when he kneels to help a child."-- Author unknown


Bertran Bilton