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Elsik TAFE

  • TAFE stands for Texas Association of Future Educators
  • TAFE encourages students to learn about careers in education & assists them in exploring the teaching profession while promoting character, service, and leadership skills necessary for becoming effective educators. 
  • TAFE is a club that supports the Public Service endorsement (Education & Training and Child Guidance pathways), but anybody can be in the club.
  • Why should you join TAFE?
    • Regional, State & National competitive events
    • Scholarship opportunities
    • Letterman Jacket & Graduation Honor Cords opportunities
    • Networking with professionals 
    • Lifelong friendships!
  • Sponsors - Erin Newman, ext. 26228 room C-1239 & Jacqui DeRome, ext. 26241 room C-1155
  • State affiliated website


TAFE Presentation