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The Bench Educational Series

TheBench19 The Bench

Crossroads HS Presents: The Bench Educational Series

Field trips give students educational experiences away from their regular school environment; most common field trip sites include zoos, nature centers, natural and science museums. What if students could visit and study a corporate company or popular mainstream business for a few hours? A select group of Alief Crossroads students and staff members are invited to get off the bench and learn from Houston’s top innovative companies and businesses. The 2017-2018 Crossroads HS student cohort will visit several upscale companies in the Houston area such as the Marriott, Paul Mitchell, the Houston Rockets, and Citgo. During each visit, our students will talk with multiple department heads, view the facilities, learn about company standards, corporate tenets, leadership, culture, and professional communication; learning from some of the nation’s top businesses, who are cultivating innovation, can greatly influence our students’ career choices. At the heart of Crossroads High School, it is our mission to grow learners by providing engaging, effective, and customized facilitation of professional learning/training and coaching opportunities. During the past eleven (11) years, Crossroads High School has partnered with more than thirty (30) universities/colleges, businesses, and organizations in our surrounding area to expose our students to a multitude of post-secondary options. The Bench Educational Series will expose our students to a multitude of corporate opportunities around Houston and usher our students to pursue a previously unconsidered career or spark a new interest or passion in one of the many different employment divisions linked to our visits by providing occupational exploration.