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Project Based Learning activities happening at Bush Elementary in grades second through fourth.

Bush Elementary has partnered with the Lamar University Cardinal Leadership Academy in order to provide a strong digital learning experience in grades 2nd -4th grade. Gloria Price, Principal at Bush Elementary, along with some of the Specialists participated last year in different sessions in the Lamar University to create a plan to help students go deeper in their understanding of content and processes of critical thinking. Different leaders from Lamar University have been coaching, guiding and supervising the process and have helped Bush Elementary to create a three smart goals plan to pursue a better digital learning experience for teachers, students, and parents. The student goal focuses on providing students with Project Based Learning opportunities in the content areas of Language Arts and Science. This program will have a duration of three years and the members of the Lamar University Cardinal Leadership Academy will provide support and guidance to the Bush team during the process. Teachers and students at Bush Elementary are very excited and thankful to participate in this digital experience to promote the necessary skills in the 21st Century Workplace.

project based PBL