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Account Set Up and Pay to Borrow Device from School ($20 Technology Fee)

The Technology Fee can be paid online with a credit/debit card or electronic check through MySchoolBucks or with cash through the school.

To pay for the fee:

Step 1

MySchoolBucks logo  

Create an account on the MySchoolBucks website. To learn how to set up an account, visit the Accounting MySchoolBucks webpage. You will be able to select the school and input your child(ren)'s information.

Step 2

Laptop with 1 to 1 device program logo  

After the account is created, visit the school's Student Technology Use Fee payment page and select Buy Now.    

Step 3

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If you have children in different Alief ISD schools, each school has its own tech fee payment link.   





More Information about 1:1 Student Device Program and the Technology Fee:

Through the Alief ISD 1:1 Student Device Program, Alief ISD is providing 3rd grade to12th grade students with a device. The device will provide each student access to the required educational materials needed to promote and enhance learning. This device is the property of Alief ISD. The supplied device is an educational tool for the assigned student for on-campus and at-home learning activities and is not intended for non-instructional gaming and personal use, or for use by other members of the household. For more information about the Alief ISD 1:1 Student Device Program, visit

Beginning with the upcoming 2023-2024 school year, Alief ISD will institute a yearly, non-refundable $20 technology fee. The fee will be charged at the beginning of each school year for each student participating in the Alief ISD 1:1 Student Device Program. The technology fee covers the cost of insuring the device in the event the device is accidentally damaged or stolen with proper documentation.