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STEM Outclass Application

Dear Parent(s) and/or Guardian(s),


We are excited to announce an additional class, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)  Enrichment, to our Elective Wheel. STEM Enrichment is offered to both 5th & 6th grade students enrolled at Budewig Intermediate. 


Budewig Intermediate’s STEM Elective vision is to inspire the next generation to be service-oriented STEM field leaders.  Our goal is to prepare our students to meet the demands of the 21st century workforce and higher education. Our TEKS based curriculum is designed to immerse students to work across disciplines and become problem solvers and innovators.


Please complete the form provided no later than Tuesday, September 3rd.  We are anxious to fill our STEM Elective with eager students ready & willing to work hard, have fun, and learn about STEM.  


Heather Turner, Principal

Johnathan Barris, Science Specialist

Amber Valcin, STEM Teacher   


STEM Application