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Boone Re-Enrollment Form

AISD is planning to bring back the groups of students for in-person instruction in the coming weeks in phases. Our Phase 2 group will be Pre-K students, Kindergarten students, 5th grade students, and 7th grade students only, starting on September 29th.

In the following weeks we hope to bring back additional grades, with dates for those grades to be announced.

At this time, we need you to choose whether you want your child to remain learning online five days a week or return to in-person instruction on campus five days a week, when his/her grade is allowed back on campus.

To learn more about in-person instruction in Alief, you can visit our website: All staff will be following the district’s safety protocol, which includes increased sanitation, mask-wearing, social distancing, health screenings, and other measures to mitigate and contain the virus.

By completing this form, you will be committing to a learning environment until the end of the second grading period (Dec. 18). If you decide you would like to switch your child's learning environment prior to the start of the second grading period, you may do so by notifying your child's campus by Sept. 28. After Sept. 28, all decisions will be considered final until Dec. 18. Please reach out to your campus 281-983-8308 with any questions.


[Boone] - Alief ISD Re-Enrollment Form