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Digital Learning

  • ALC fosters a strong digital learning environment. All classroom teachers have a projector, document camera, and wireless slate in their classroom to aid in instruction by providing digital media content to enhance lessons. Over 100% of our teaching staff have attained their Level 1 teacher technology competency which allows them to utilize YouTube in the classroom. These teachers have been able to pull a wealth of instructional videos to help inspire student discussion, critical thinking, and to clarify learning objectives. Several classroom teachers brought digital learning into their classrooms through student projects. ALC has stepped up its use of mobile devices. We have 90 laptops, 75 iPads, and 15 nooks. 6 classrooms have a 1:1 device ratio where teachers are using google classroom and other online resources daily to engage students. Teachers have been using their wireless slates to be able to provide instruction anywhere in the classroom. We have several classes utilizing Imagine Learning and Think Through Math as well. iPads have been used to integrate technology into the classroom through the use of various apps that allow of student collaboration and creation. ALC teachers and students participated in video conferences. We also have several high school students that work on classes independently using PLATO courseware.