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Community and Parental Involvement

  • Alief Learning Center, as a DAEP, offers opportunities to engage our families during their child’s time with us and encourage them to re-engage with their home campuses upon return. Students receive group counseling sessions addressing anger management issues, drug abuse, and gang involvement during our STAR program. This program is conveniently held during evening hours to accommodate parents attendance to sessions, held specifically for them, addressing the challenges of raising children in today’s world. Additionally, the campus has a staffed Family Engagement Center with on-going classes with ways to better connect parents with students, ESL classes, and individual assistance with job search, GED test preparation, computer skills, etc. The center also hosts guest speakers with presentations on matters of interest to families such as Building Parent-Teen Connections and Mental Health Awareness. Special events are hosted to foster engagement such as a Family Appreciation Dinner and Pastries with Parents. Community involvement is encouraged with a weekly Community Resources & Family Services class. During these classes community service agencies are given the opportunity to showcase their services as well as connect directly with families.