Campus Improvement Plan Information

  • Alief Early College High School welcomes all Parents, Business Owners, and all Stakeholder to join us in building a Stronger and Smarter Community. 

    Shared Decision-Making Council (SDC) shall be established on each campus.  The SDC will uphold the following duties.  

    • Assist the principal in development, review, and revision of the CIP
    • Provide input to improve student performance
    • Establish campus goals and strategies with guidance from the principal
    • Advise & make recommendations to the principal in curriculum, budget, staffing patterns, goal setting, and school organization TEC 11.253(e) & (BQB)Local
    • Develop and approve staff development (TEC 21.451) & (BQB)Local
    • Hold at least one public meeting per year after receipt of the Accountability rating to discuss campus performance objectives 

    Click the links below to access the AECHS Campus Improvement Plan and Comprehensive Needs Assessment

    2023-2024 Campus Improvement Plan & Comprehensive Needs Assessment  

    2022-2023 Campus Improvement Plan & Comprehensive Needs Assessment

    Plan de Mejora del Campus 2022-2023

Family Compact and Engagement Policy

SDC Minutes and Agendas