• Shared Decision Making Committee (SDC)

    Alief Hastings High School SDC meets once a month in order to support the students, staff, and stakeholders. The committee is made up of administrators, teachers, staff, students, parents, and community members. 



    Co-Facilitator: Caroline Ferron and Andi Malin

    Coordinating Principal:  Lynette Miller

    Administrators:  Bryan Brown, Tiffany Abrams-Shelton

    Counselor:  Leticia Diaz

    Teachers:  Brandon Allen, Julia Bradley, Darrell Collins, Alex Garza, Rhonda Good, Letra Johnican, Benjamin McCuiston-Zirkle, Raul Pabon, Angela Taylor, Coleman Wands, Pat Woodruff

    FAME Coordinator:  Marissa Rodriguez

    District Representative:  Julie Perrin

    Business Representative:  Lisa Schwartz

    Community Representative:  Kim Wallace

    Parents:  Rosario Alvarez, Renee Faulhaber, Laura Blaze, Carolyn Baldwin