Competitive Grants

Competitive Grant Programs

Centropa Summer Academy - Vienna, Austria

  • Centropa is a Jewish historical institute that works to preserve Jewish stories and culture by working with teachers to engage students in conversations about history, civics, and ethics. They are holding their 14th annual summer academy in Vienna, Austria in July. Middle and high school teachers are invited to apply to attend the academy, and to browse Centropa's catalog of teacher resources. More information, including the summer academy application can be found here -

    Centropa Summer Academy 2020

    Alief has ties to Centropa and current staff have attended past summer programs. Please consider applying to continue the district's relationship with the organization.

Technology - Important Reminder

  • Prior to ordering any technology using any funding source, including grant money, please refer to the TECHNOLOGY STANDARDS for the district. It is imperative to follow all purchasing guidelines to ensure that all technology is compatible with the district network and can be serviced by district technology and network specialists.

Current Grant Opportunities

Donors Choose

  • Teachers in need of supplies, materials, and other resources for projects in their classroom can submit requests through Donors Choose. This free and easy-to-use web resource allows teachers to detail their project needs, and donors who visit the site choose which projects they want to contribute to.

    Teachers are encouraged to visit the Donors Choose website and submit a proposal. The average project request is $642, and 70% of all projects are successfully funded, with high poverty schools receiving the vast majority of donations.

    If you submit a request to Donors Choose, please email the web link for your proposal to Zack Ward in the Federal Programs & Grants office. If any technology is requested and received through Donors Choose, please visit the Digital Learning website to access the technology approval form and to ensure compliance with district technology protocol.

    Please note: Donors Choose is currently the only district-approved web-based fundraising platform.

    All items acquired through Donors Choose become the property of the district and cannot be transferred off the campus.

Grant Contact

  • As the Competitive Grants Specialist for the district, I support campuses and individual staff members as they search and apply for grant funding.


Grant Guidelines & Procedures

  • Prior to submitting any grant to a funding source, please review the district's Grant Procedures and complete the Approval Form for Competitive Grant Proposals. A copy of the form, with principal signature, should be sent via interoffice mail to Zack Ward in Federal Programs & Grants.

    Grant Procedures

    Approval Form for Competitive Grant Proposals