Family Friendly Schools

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    Family Friendly Schools provides a coaching model that begins with a 1-2 day workshop. During the workshop, campus FAME Committees, including families, have the opportunity to review their campus Families Actively and Meaningfully Engaged (FAME) plan with an EDCoach.  The assigned EDCoach guides each FAME Committee throughout the year on strategies developed within their plan. Mini-coaching sessions are held via conference call during scheduled FAME Committee meetings (6 sessions – 20 minutes each or as decided by each team).  At the end of the year a report is generated highlighting progress and reflecting next steps for each campus.  At the completion of the two year process, each campus has the opportunity to be recognized as a National Family Friendly School.


    Our certified Family Friendly Schools include:


    Alexander Elementary School

    Alexander FFS


    Budewig Elementary


     Budewig FFS


    Bush Elementary 

    Bush FFS  


    Elsik Ninth Grade Center



    Holmquist Elementary School


    Homlquist FFS


    Killough Middle School


    Killough FFS


    Liestman Elementary School


    Liestman FFS


    Olle Middle School


    Liestman FFS


    Youngblood Intermediate School

    Youngblood FFS