Character Trait of the Month - Courage


Courage is our Character trait for April

Kid’s Definition:  Standing up for what you know is right – even when you are afraid and others do not stand with you.

Children who have Courage:

  • Admit when they are wrong.
  • Make good choices when others do not
  • Are kind to those who are unkind.
  • Ask for help when they need it.

Other words that mean Courage:

  • Fearlessness
  • Valor
  • Bravery

Children’s books that teach about Courage and how to cope with fear:

  • When I Feel Afraid PK-KN
  • I am Amelia Earhart PK-KN
  • I feel frightened PK-1st
  • Feeling Afraid PK-1st
  • Violet the Piolet PK-2nd               
  • Let’s Talk about Feeling Worried PK-2nd
  • Stand Tall Molly Lou Mellon KN-2nd
  • Sheila Rae the Brave KN-2nd
  • Thunder Rose 2nd-3rd
  • The Story of Ruby Bridges 2n-3rd
  • You’re Mean, Lilly Jean 3rd-4th
  • Courage 3rd-5th
  • The Bravest of us All 3rd-5th

Websites that teach Courage:


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