It's a Chipmunk Thing!

  • Liestman Dress Code

    Navy blue or khaki pants, shorts, skirt, or jumper.  (No jeans permitted.)
    Collared, polo-style shirt or blouse in White or any Solid color – No logos or emblems.
    Pants or shorts should fit appropriately – no baggy pants- and be worn at the waist with a belt.
    Shirts and blouses should be worn tucked in.
    In cool weather, solid-colored sweatshirts with collared shirt worn underneath permitted.


    Grooming Code


    Hair should be above the eyes, well-groomed and clean at all times.

    Haircuts should not reflect extreme visible length difference.
    Symbols, numbers, letters, designs and patches may not be shaved or cut into the hair or within the hairline.
    Not permitted: earrings for boys, sandals without backs, tank tops or form fitting shorts.