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Parent Responsibility for Meaningful Engagement through Distance Learning

  • The commitment of Alief ISD's parents and guardians to the education of their child(ren) and youth is exceptional and appreciated. Texas’ compulsory school attendance law (TEC §25.085) compels parents and guardians to have their children attend school each day of their instructional program.  Alief ISD’s parents and guardians understand this responsibility, and their support of regular attendance is appreciated.

    When lessons are scheduled to be delivered virtually, attendance is still expected.  Student attendance can be tracked based on student participation in online assignments and activities, which might include: 

    • signing into their AliefHub account, district Google account, i-Ready, I-Station, Jason Learning, EduSmart, STEMScopes, etc.
    • Schoology assignments and activities
    • correspondence with course instructors
    • completed journals, workbooks  

    Alief ISD appreciates all of the guidance provided by parents and guardians as they support their student's meaningful engagement in learning through virtual means.  The tips and tools offered here identify specific actions that can be taken in support of continuous learning outside the four walls of a classroom.

Learning Guidance and Support for Parents and Guardians

  • Creating a Learning Schedule and Space

  • Sample Daily Schedule

  • Provide Learning Materials and Tools

  • Share Learning with Teachers

  • Check Progress

  • Digital Accommodations at Home

  • Additional Activities While at Home

  • Create a Support Network for Unique Circumstances

  • Who You Contact When You Need Help