• Library Hours

    • The Liestman Library is open daily from 7:15 - 3:00 PM

    • Students visit the library every week with their class. 

    • Students may also visit using hall passes - see your teacher for pass hours. 

    • Parents are welcome to visit whenever the library is open, and may request an account to check out books.

    As part of the learning experience, children are encouraged to take home books they check out from the school library and books they are reading in the classroom (with teachers’ permission).  Reading books at home enables the child to gain fluency in reading, learn new words, and use reading strategies taught in class.

    Checking Out Books

     The number of library books students check out is based on their grade level:

    • Kinder and 1st Grade - students check out one book, during the year students will learn how to take books home, check with your child's teacher

    • 2nd-4th grade - students check out 2 books and may take them home

    • Some students/classes may check out additional books as needed for specific classroom purposes

    We recommend that the books the students take from the school library or their classroom library be placed in the student’s backpack every night after reading them.


    Please encourage your child to take care of the books by:

    • keeping books in a safe place, away from pets, foods, drinks, and very young children who may damage them

    • carrying books by the spine (instead of by the pages)

    • washing hands before reading or handling books

    • inspecting the books and informing the library or teachers -immediately after check out- about any damages found in the book (torn pages, scribbling, etc.)

    Please encourage your child to read daily. We hope you enjoy reading with your child!