Killough Middle School - Mode of Dress

  • Killough Middle School has a standard mode of dress for all students. Students are expected to be in compliance with the mode of dress from the first day of school and for the entire school year. Students not in compliance, will be placed in SAC (Student Assignment Center) until a parent brings a change of clothes for the student. P.E. uniforms will be required for 7th grade P.E. classes. 

    The cost of the P.E. shirt and shorts is $20.00. These items may be purchased at Killough during P.E. class time the first week of school.
    Cash only!


    White, navy or yellow polo style
    Must have sleeves-long or short
    Must be tucked in at all times
    Undershirts may be white only

    Pants and Skirts:

    Must be navy or khaki only
    Skirts/shorts must be no more than 2 in. above the knee in the front
    Must be proper waist size and worn at the waist; no sagging
    Belts are required
    Cannot be baggy, have large pockets or have large "pipe" style legs or bell bottoms
    Cannot be "cut-off," frayed or unhemmed

    Additional Information:

    Overalls, lycra or stretch pants/shorts and jumpers are not acceptable
    Open-toe shoes, sandals, or "backless" shoes, house shoes/slippers are not allowed
    Hats and hoods may not be worn in the building
    Facial hair is not permitted for boys
    Spirit shirts promoting KMS clubs and activities may be worn on Fridays only
    Belts made of canvas, cloth, scarf, chain, or ribbons are not allowed
    No camouflage apparel of any kind
    Mouth "grilles" (single tooth or whole mouth) are not allowed

    *All Alief ISD dress codes outlined in the Parent/Student Handbook will be followed.