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    New PD Information - updated July 8, 2020

    Thank you for your interest in learning! Please remember that courses are being added to the Eduphoria system DAILY and will continue to be added through the months of JULY and AUGUST. This year it is vital that you READ THE COURSE DESCRIPTION as that is where you will find the actual start and end date/time for the course. In many cases there are multiple sessions of the same course. 

    Please take these next few weeks to relax and recharge your batteries for the school year ahead. There will be no shortage of opportunities for you to learn just what you need for your teaching assignment. While there will be less variety of courses offered this year, there will be multiple opportunities to take those courses. There will be an abundance of learning opportunities this year, they will just be more focused and provided in smaller chunks of learning throughout the first semester.

    The annual requirement for district PD credit will be only 7 hours this year. This is a minimum and you are welcome to take more than 7 hours. District credit will only come through district sponsored courses this year. The deadline for earning the required 7 hours of district PD credit is December 18, 2020.

    Again, thank you for being aggressive persistent learners. Your students need that from you. We understand your sense of urgency. If you see an option in the Professional Development Course Offerings matrix below that you do not find on Eduphoria, please know that it is coming soon. It is best to wait to find a course that is right for your teaching assignment rather than registering for a course that is not related to what you do every day.

    How do you access your course? Facilitators may use one of several ways to start your virtual professional learning. In some cases the Schoology join code is in the course description and you can connect to the course on your own. In other cases, 24 to 48 hours before the course starts, the facilitator may either add you directly to the course, or send you the course join code via email, this may be either your Alief Outlook or Alief Google mail. If you are added directly to the course, it will show up in Schoology under My Courses. No matter how you access your course, you must start work on the course no later than 72 hours after the course start date/time. If you have not participated in the course by that time, you will not be able to "attend" that session. 

    Have a wonderful summer break and stay safe and healthy.


    For information about how to register for courses in Eduhoria Strive click this link



  • Purpose

    The goal of the Professional Development Department is to increase student achievement by providing a rich variety of brain-friendly learning resources for all Alief staff members. Teachers who know more have students who know more. A big part of a teacher's job is to continuously learn and become an even better teacher for even more students.
    Tracee Grigsby-Turner, Ed.D. - Coordinator of Professional Development
    Tracey Birchard - Professional Development Specialist and Department Secretary
    Eduphoria SchoolObjects website - https://alief.schoolobjects.com

    Contact Information

    Email: grigsbyt@ga.aliefisd.net
    The Professional Development Office is located in the Administration Building:
    4250 Cook Road
    Houston, TX 77072

    Timeline Information


    Earning Professional Development hours for the 2020-2021 school year started on March 1, 2020 and this year, our goal is for all Alief staff members to fulfill their PD (or comp time) requirement by December 18, 2020. While the deadline this year is earlier than in past years, the requirement has been reduced from 14 to 7 hours. 

    All teachers and campus based professional staff (not campus administrators) are required to earn 7 hours of professional development this year. 

    Campus-based Paraprofessionals are required to earn EITHER 7 hours of professional development or 7 hours of comp time, or a combination of both.

    All educators certified after the year 2000 are required to earn 150 hours of Texas SBEC CPE credit every five years in order to renew their certification with the state. Administrators are requried to earn 200 hours in each five year period. 


    Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (TTESS)

    TTESS Rubric


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