Welcome Message from the Principal



Degrees and Certifications:

Kimberly Hammer

Greetings Jefferson Early Learning Center Families,

Alief ISD is leading the way with innovative Pre-K to prepare young learners for success in Kindergarten and beyond. My name is Kim Hammer and I am honored to partner with you and serve as Principal of Jefferson Early Learning Center. Drawing upon my early childhood leadership experience as an accomplished district and campus leader, national consultant, and a two-time state-awarded teacher (at Hearne and Chancellor Elementary), I value strengths stakeholders bring and look for ways to integrate common interests. I am passionate about equity where children get what they need in terms of access, participation, and support to level the playing field with early intervention. Families are such an important partner in their child’s success and I encourage you to stay engaged and be empowered.

By expanding learning beyond the classroom, children receive a high-quality education in a safe environment. High-interest materials and experiences provide authentic, interactive, purposeful play to build vocabulary, knowledge, and skills. Jefferson is organized by Neighborhoods and Houses instead of wings and classrooms. There are three Neighborhoods containing four Houses each.

  1. Discovery Neighborhood develops a deeper understanding of oneself and the cultural community through these Houses: Space City, Gulf Coast, Healthy Me, and International District.
  2. Inquiry Neighborhood ignites the natural curiosity of young children as they investigate plants and animals through these Houses: Pet Vet, From Farm to Table, Digging Dino’s, and Wild World.
  3. Voyages Neighborhood ventures out along the learning journey of science, technology, and the world of work through these Houses: Hidden Forces, Going Places, Tinker Town, and Our Community.

Learning is child-centered, child-initiated, and teacher-facilitated. We provide a strong first school experience designed specifically for young children and their families. Every day we build upon the strengths of every child. Children participate in balanced literacy, hands-on mathematics, and authentic projects related to Science/Social Studies concepts. In addition, art, music, action-based learning, and social skills are enjoyed. We are committed to fostering joyful learning in a collaborative way to create a positive, safe, nurturing learning community for children, families, and colleagues. We teach so much more than content. We are preparing students for tomorrow by caring for them today. Join us!


Kim Hammer, Principal
Jefferson Early Learning Center