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  • Alief ISD Superintendent HD Chambers speaks with guests from all walks of life about issues affecting education and the future of America.

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Episode 13 - Early Childhood Round Table - Teaching Young Learners Today for a Better Tomorrow

Exploring how non-profits and school districts are partnering with families to tackle early childhood issues

Dr. Julie Baker Finck of the Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation and Alief ISD Early Childhood Facilitator Mari Martinez visit with Superintendent HD Chambers for the latest episode of ImpactED. They dive into the science of early childhood education, how to empower families with the knowledge and resources to educate early learners and how different early childhood initiatives are working together to educate children even before they register for Pre-Kindergarten.

Episode 12 - International Management District and Stantec - The Melting Pot Paradigm Shift

Learning how to listen to the pulse of a diverse community

Superintendent HD Chambers vists with Natali Hurtado (International Management District) and Robert Moser (Stantec) about community planning and the upcoming changes expected in this international community.

Episode 11 - Principal Tremayne Wickliffe - Re-Engaging Troubled Students

How an alternative school is using inventive methods to educate and engage

Tremayne Wickliffe is the principal of Crossroads, a disciplinary alternative education program in Alief ISD in Houston, Texas. He sits down with Superintendent HD Chambers to discuss the joys and challenges of working with troubled students.

Episode 10 - Neil Bush - Literacy, Legacy and Learning

Neil Bush shares his views on the effects of literacy

Mr. Chambers speaks with Neil Bush, chairman of Points of Light and co-chairman of the Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation, as he navigates through his own personal struggles with literacy, his mother's legacy and views on the future of learning in schools.

Episode 9 - Greater Houston Partnership - Does Success Require a College Degree

The Greater Houston Partnership explains the future of Houston's economy

Bob Harvey and Peter Beard from the Greater Houston Partnership join a discussion with Superintendent HD Chambers about the employment outlook in the greater Houston area, including the data illustrating the jobs of the future.

Episode 8 - Mental Health Round Table - Today's Epidemic and What You Should Know

Counselors and other mental health professionals discuss the state of mental health within public schools

Alief ISD counselors and mental health professionals sit down with Superintendent HD Chambers to discuss the state of mental health in schools. Today, mental issues have increased significantly due to societal changes, increased use of technology and other stress factors. Listen and find out how to identify a mental health crisis and where to seek help.

Episode 7 - Nutrition Round Table - America's Addiction to Fat, Salt and Sugar

How districts are keeping students healthy despite America's addiction to fat, salt and sugar

School districts often cook millions of meals for hungry students each school year. It costs some school districts millions of dollars to serve healthy meals; districts agree that it is expensive to be healthy.
Alief ISD Nutrition Department staff members chat with Superintendent HD Chambers on the challenges of keeping students healthy while combating childhood hunger and providing tasty meals and snacks to students. They discuss the strategies to educate students about healthy eating and explore how proper nutrition can positively impact student learning.

Episode 6 - Scott McClelland - Why Investing in Public Education is Vital to America's Future

How one grocery chain has partnered with school districts to fast-track changes in public education

Scott McClelland, President of H E B grocery company's Houston Food/Drug Division, sits down with Superintendent HD Chambers to discuss the future of public education and its effects on employment. The two cover the importance of addressing dire education concerns, from early childhood and career pathways to keeping strong teachers in the classroom and how other businesses can support public education as a means to bolster the economy.

Episode 5 - Education Round Table - Teacher Shortages

Diving into the teacher shortage crisis & how districts and colleges are partnering to combat the issue

After years of the government underfunding public school education and other attacks on the teaching profession, there is now a shortage of highly-qualified teachers in America. University of Houston's College of Education Dean Robert McPherson and Alief ISD Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources Elizabeth Veloz-Powell speak with Superintendent HD Chambers about the challenges of attracting quality college graduates to enter and remain in the teaching profession. Chambers also sits down with Michele Pena, an educator actively juggling her classroom responsibilities, part-time jobs and extra teacher duties.

Episode 4 - A Conversation with HD - Looking Forward After the Mid-Term Elections

How educators can remain engaged in the political process

Jessika Leal, Executive Assistant to Alief ISD Superintendent HD Chambers, sits down with the superintendent post-election to discuss what's next, how educators can remain engaged in the political process and how policies can impact their daily lives.

Episode 3 - Military Veterans & Current ROTC Student - Serving Your Country & Community

How veterans are serving as educators and preparing students for military service

Elsik High School teacher, Army veteran and nationally-acclaimed soccer coach Vincenzo Cox and Marines veteran Major Jerome Stovall talk to Superintendent HD Chambers about how they use their military experience to educate the next generation of service men and women. A current Alief ISD student talks about his JROTC training and how it is preparing him for the armed forces.

Episode 2 - Principals - Building Relationships & Defying Critics

How elementary public school leaders are championing their teachers & students despite all odds

Robin Human and Johanna Sanchez are elementary school principals in Alief ISD in Houston, Texas. Between the two of them, they have nearly 30 years of experience leading public schools. They sit down with Superintendent HD Chambers to discuss the joys and challenges of leading a school.

Episode 1 - Professor Stephen Klineberg - Demographics, Attitudes & Their Impact on Education

What the Kinder Institute Houston Area Survey reveals about education

Stephen Klineberg is a demographics expert and sociologist in Houston, Texas. As a professor at Rice University, Klineberg and his students began conducting an annual survey in 1982, now called the Kinder Institute Houston Area Survey. The survey tracks the area’s demographics and attitudes. He joins a discussion about historical demographics in Houston, Texas and its effects on education.