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    O'Donnell Middle School Counseling program is here to advocate and encourage students, parents, and teachers to establish positive learning practices. Our guidance counseling program this year will include lessons, activities, trainings, and feedback about student progress as well as the success of the programs. Our mission is to provide O'Donnell Middle School students with the resources that they need to grow as student learners and as individuals.


    school counselor  


    Each child will have the opportunity to participate in one or more of the following programs:

    Anger Managment: Specialized group which focuses on dealing with and controlling anger.

    Group Counseling: Provides students the opportunity to understand and be taught--approriate behavior, goal setting, social skills, leadership and organizational skills.

    Individual/Mentoring: offered to those students having some academic or personal concerns. Students may be referred by teacher or parent.

    SAP (Student Assistant Program): Is designed to promote leadership skills, positive self-esteem, good academic performance, and responsible decision making.

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