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    SOAR/LINC/NHS are exciting programs that offer excellence in learning for students in various points of accumulating credits. Our programs assist the students of Alief high schools reach their goal of obtaining a high school diploma.

    SOAR (Special Opportunities for Academic Restoration) provides an accelerated learning experience in the core courses for credit deficient students to allow them to graduate in a timely manner. Students must comply with academic, behavior, and attendance expectations of SOAR to be successful with the accelerated pace. Highly motivated, self-directed learners with solid reading skills are good candidates for the program.

    The LINC Program (Language Institute for Newcomers) provides a quality education for high school students who are recent immigrants to the U.S. Students learn the English language while engaging in academic content knowledge and skills that prepares them for a successful transition to their main campus high school.

    The NHS (Night High School) offers a variety of classes in an accelerated format to allow students to recover credits without interfering with their daytime classes.