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     We want to provide students and parents with resources to help students be successful through reading and writing. We strongly believe that reading well is key to student success, so we need to make sure students become independent readers. 

    At early ages students are learning to read. This is the time when we build the foundations for language development. Students in Pk to 2nd grade can start off by reading picture books to help them construct meaning and to develop fluency. Parent read alouds and story times at night are highly recomended at this age. This is the perfect moment to instill in our kids the love for reading.

    Later on, older students need to read in order to learn about other subject areas. Starting in 3rd grade students should be reading books with less pictures and longer text, and then chapter books.

    Research says that in order for a student to be successful in college he/she has to be reading on level by third grade. We appreciate parents collaboration to ensure our students are exposed to books and practice reading as often as possible.

    Keep reading Gators!



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  • Luz Loyola

    Language Arts and SS Specialist

    PK. Kinder, 1st. and 3rd grades




    Carlous Smith

    Language Arts and SS Specialist

    PK, 2nd., 4th and 5th. grades