• Library Programs


    Book Exchange
    book cart

    Students can bring in books that they have read and trade them for another book to read and keep or to trade again.  Each book that is traded has a signature page that students can sign to let other students know that they have read and traded that book.  To join the book swap program parents have to sign a permission slip and bring a book from home to trade.  Students can trade one book per week on their scheduled library day.

    Monday - first grade
    Tuesday - second grade
    Wednesday - third grade
    Thursday -  fourth grade
    Friday - fifth grade


    Battle of the Books
    person with books
    Alief Battle of the Books is a district level competition that encourages student reading and teamwork. Students read form a selected list of books for an allotted period of time and then compete against other teams to demonstrate knowledge of titles and authors.  Chancellor students compete in Battle of the Books in 4th grade.


     Students read from a variety of genres.  Books from the grade appropriate list are from a range of levels allowing most students to participate. Students work as teams so that no student is required to read the entire list of titles, though some may.