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  • LINCspring Learning is here! This new platform includes opportunities for professional learning that are focused on designing student-centered learning experiences. Teachers and instructional staff will select & complete course cycles based on recommended playlists, proficiency levels, and interest. 

Earn Badges

  • With LINC, you can earn badges and certifications that recognize your accomplishments.

    You can find more information about the other badges and certifications available in LINC at

    Once you earn one of these LINC distinctions, you can:

    • post it on Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social channels,
    • share it with your colleagues,
    • add it to your T-TESS evidence, and
    • hang it in your classroom

How To Log into LINCspring

  • Launch LINCspring via the AliefHUB!

    Login to LINCspring via the AliefHUB!

    Simply search for the LINCspring app in the AliefHUB!


    Login on the LINCspring Website

    LINCspring Website

    Click on the "Sign in with ClassLink" button to login with your AliefHUB credentials.

Support & Virtual Coaching

  • Need Support or Virtual Coaching? LINCspring and Alief are here to help!

    Having trouble accessing LINCspring?
    Review the "How to Log Into LINCspring" section above.

    If the LINCspring app is not available on your AliefHUB dashboard or you receive an error message when attempting to login, please report the issue here

    For support once logged in to LINCspring:

    Need Support Button

    Click on the "Need Support? Message our team!" button in the lower right corner of your LINCspring dashboard.


    LINCspring Coaches

    You may also correspond with LINC coaches within LINC cycles by clicking on their picture.

LINC Blended learning badge

Blended Learning In Action

  • Earning the LINC Blended Learning in Action Level 1 Badge means you know how to blend the best of teaching with the best of tech to put students at the center of their learning!

    Follow the simple steps below to earn the Blended Learning in Action (Level 1) Badge:

    1. Log into your LINCspring account
    2. Pick 4 Cycles from this list:
      • Blended Learning: The Why & the What
      • Building a PAACC Mindset
      • Playlists in Action
      • Flipped Learning in Action
      • Station Rotation in Action
      • Whole Group Rotation in Action
      • Planning for Hybrid Learning
      • Shifting to Remote Learning
    1. Complete the 4 selected cycles, following the LINC Cycle Completion Rubric
    2. Complete the online form to have your cycles reviewed by a LINC Coach
    3. Get your “Blended Learning in Action (Level 1)” Badge
Innovator in action badge

Innovator In Action

  • You are transforming your teaching practices by trying new strategies and tools, learning from your students, and iterating on the go.

    Get started by earning the Innovator in Action Badge! 

    1. Log into your LINCspring account
    2. Pick 4 Cycles
    3. Complete the cycles
    4. Complete the online form
    5. Get your “Innovator in Action” Badge