Nurse Graphic
  • Clinic Rules and Procedures: 

    -Students who contact their parents by personal cell phone for medication or for an illness or injury that has not been assessed by the nurse will be handled through Attendance and, if taken home, will be dismissed as a parent unexcused absence.

     -Students are not permitted to take any forms of medications without being under the supervision of a school nurse or clinic aide.



  • Clinic Reminder

    • The medication must also have a written request signed by the parent/guardian and physician prescribing the medication. This request must identify the medicine, amount, and time(s) to be given, and the length of time the student will be taking the medication.  
    • All medication needed to be taken at school should be in its original container & properly labeled.
    • Students are not allowed to carry ANY medication (prescribed or non-prescription) to classes.
    • Any exceptions must be approved by the nurse and principal with a written request from the parent/guardian or student's doctor. The school nurse may make an exception on a temporary basis when unusual circumstances exist. Please see the important documents.


    A physician’s authorization is needed for the following:

    • Any medication given for more than 10 school days.
    • Any controlled substance
    • Emergency Medications- EPI PENS/ KITS or inhalers (all requiring doctors instructions)
    • Annual updates for long term medications 

    Medications prescribed or requested to be given three times a day or less are not to be given at school. Only when a specific time during school hours is prescribed by a physician or the school nurse determines that a special need exists for an individual student, will they be given.

    • An acceptable schedule that can be followed at home is outlined below
    • 1st dose given before/after breakfast before school.
    • 2nd dose given before/after a snack after school.
    • 3rd dose given at bedtime (a snack may be needed).
    **Please call if you have any questions regarding this matter**