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Alief Learns - Anytime, Anywhere

  • Alief ISD is committed to Preparing Students for Tomorrow – Caring for Them Today - in and outside of our classroom walls. 

    Now is a great time for our students to gain experiences that prepare them for their increasingly digital future. Teaching students about, and encouraging them to utilize, the future-ready skills related to digital learning, critical thinking, problem-solving and collaboration, invites creativity and contributes to their overall success as a citizen of our community.

    Robust and engaging resources are available online for students' continued learning and growth. The resources on this page will allow Alief parents, students, and teachers to ensure student learning is continuous and ongoing. 

    Please continue to revisit this page for instructional updates. 

Listen to the ImpactED Podcast Episodes

Episode 47 - Alief Learns Discussion - Digital and Traditional Learning
Helping students, parents and educators navigate the new learning environments

Kathy Jahn (Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction) and Pam Lowe (Director of Digital Learning) call into the studio to discuss the Alief Learns platform with Superintendent HD Chambers. They discussed how parents, students and educators will access instructional materials to avoid a slide in what students have learned in the 2019-2020 school year.

Episode 46 - Coronavirus - Coronavirus - Update on Staffing, Digital Learning and Other Critical Questions
How Alief ISD is moving forward as schools & offices continue to remain closed

HD Chambers and Ava Montgomery (Alief ISD Deputy Superintendent of Instruction) provide an update on how Alief ISD is tackling various issues as schools remain closed. They discuss staffing, salaries, curbside pick-up meals, digital learning, expectations for parents and for staff, and events such as the Class of 2020 graduation ceremonies and prom.

Episode 45 - Coronavirus - Working in Partnership with Parents
How Alief ISD is prepared to continue learning during school closure

Superintendent HD Chambers sits down with Board President Ann Williams and Director of Public Relations Kimberly Smith to discuss Alief ISD's virtual learning plans in the event of extended school closures.

  • Parent with child

    Parents & Guardians

    Parents and guardians have a role in supporting learning whether it occurs in the classroom or outside of the classroom.

  • Student reading


    Alief students have the responsibility to attend school on a daily basis and show their learning in different ways.

  • Teacher pointing with stick


    Educators are responsible for establishing positive, productive learning environments in which students can learn, whether in or outside of a classroom.

Technical Assistance

  • What is Schoology, and how do I log in?

  • What is AliefHUB?

  • How do I access Microsoft Office 365?

  • Are there discounted or free internet services for Alief ISD families?

  • Who do I contact if I need help?