About the ELITE Academy

  • The ELITE Academy is one of the two pathways of the Alief Strategic Teacher Compensation Plan. 

    The ELITE Academy is based on a transformational school model with five pillars:

    • Effective Principals and Teachers
    • Instructional Excellence
    • Extended School Day
    • Social and Emotional Support
    • Parent and Community Partnerships

    Under this equity model, hurdles to student learning are removed, while academic, social and emotional, nutritional and support needs are met. 

    Best Elementary School has been selected as the pilot school for this school transformation model. Best was chosen as the first site of the ELITE Academy based on a comprehensive data review of several academic and social-emotional risk factors.

Academy Features and Benefits

  • Pillars of the Transformational Model diagram

    The ELITE Academy is based on the Accelerating Campus Excellence model.

What are the stipend amounts for ELITE Academy employees?

  • Additional compensation will be awarded based on your role to those who meet the application criteria and who are selected for the ELITE Academy at Best Elementary School.

    Those who are selected for the ELITE Academy at Best Elementary School are eligible for the following stipends: 

    • Paraprofessional: $1,500
    • Librarian/Nurse: $4,000
    • Teacher/Specialist: $10,000
    • Counselor: $10,000
    • Assistant Principal: $13,000
    • Principal: $15,000