• The Shared Decision Making Council brings together teachers, administrators, parents, student leaders, community members and business representatives to involve all stakeholders in campus planning.

    The SDC will:

    • Assist the principal in development, review, and revision of the Campus Action Plan.
    • Provide input to improve student performance.
    • Establish campus goals and strategies with guidance from the principal.
    • Advise & make recommendations to the principal in curriculum, budget, staffing patterns, goal setting, and school organization.
    • Develop and approve staff development.
    • Hold at least one public meeting per year after receipt of the Accountability rating to discuss campus performance objectives.

    2020-21 Members include:

    • Laura Negri, facilitator
    • Cindi Payne, technology specialist
    • Martha McNeil, special education
    • Yetzul Werner, science
    • Jack Bell, social studies
    • Roger Martin, language arts
    • Janine Hughes Dykes, fine arts department
    • Eileen Caetta, foreign language
    • Daniel Gill, math department
    • Laura Tully, Counselor
    • Olga Siminic, paraprofessional
    • Anne Hoskin, district representative
    • Lisa Schwartz, business representative
    • Joyce Bridges, community representative
    • Mary Davis, parent representative
    • Steven Harker, community representative
    • Vipash Nanda, National Honor Society
    • Stephanie Negrete, Student Council
    • Vinson Lewis, Principal



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