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    Boone library

    Vilma Martinez Boone Librarian

    Librarian: Mrs. Martinez


    Library Aide: Mrs. Gonsalves

    Telephone: 281-983-8308


    LIBRARY HOURS: 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM Monday thru Friday


    Each grade level visits the library once a week.  All students are able to check out books with signed permission slips from parents (permission slips are given at the beginning of every school year and when new students enroll throughout the year).  Kindergarten and first grade students are allowed to check out one book.  NEW for the Spring semester, beginning January 3rd: Second, third and fourth grade students can check out THREE library books.  I encourage those students to only take a book home at a time and leave the rest in their desk. All books are due when students visit the library on their library block day (every seven school days). 


    Students: Be sure to SIGN IN when you visit the library without your class. 


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