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  • How do you impact the future? How can you shape direction? How do you guide decisions? All three questions can be answered with one word—vote.

    Voting is one of the most important rights maintained as American citizens. It is an opportunity that past and present generations have fought to preserve. Exercising that privilege is a guaranteed way to ensure your voice is heard in governmental matters. But you have to be a registered voter to participate in the process.

Social Media Challenge (February 14 to March 1)

  • During early voting or on Election Day, post “I Voted” selfies on social media. In your social media post, use #AliefVotes and tag Alief ISD:

    You are more than welcome to include family members and colleagues in the same selfie.

    If Alief ISD employees exceed the goal of 500 selfies, staff may wear jeans to work for A WHOLE MONTH this spring. Details will be shared out with employees.

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