• Counselor's Corner


    Mission Statement

    The Alief ISD school counselor will partner with the school and community in providing resources that encourage and maximize student success in a caring and safe environment. 

            Therefore, the role of the Alief ISD professional school counselor is to serve as the student's advocate. 


    Hello, I am Norma Luna, the school counselor at Douglas Smith Elementary School. Smith Elementary has a comprehensive school counseling program that provides classroom guidance lessons, individual counseling, and small group counseling. I am also available for parent conferences and can assist families with community resources and referrals. 

    Throughout the school year I am here as a support for you and your student. During this time I teach special lessons which focus on academic performance, career awareness, and social/emotional issues. 


    How school counselors make a difference for elementary school students:

    Your student is supported by a team of caring adults--you, of course, plus teachers, administrators, and their counselor-- working together to support your student's academic achievement and personal development. Counselors contribute to your child's academic success by:

    • teaching skills in leadership, test-taking, decision-making, effective communication, personal safety and protection, and positive peer relationships
    • supporting students during times of crisis
    • guiding students in improving academic skills, setting positive goals, exercising self-responsibility, and expanding career awareness. 
    • coordination referrals and community resources for students and families, as needed. 


    When should you call a school counselor? 

    1. When family changes interfere with academic progress 
    2. When your child needs extra help adjusting to school
    3. When you need help finding available community resources and agencies for your student or family


Contact Information

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    Norma Luna

    Smith Elementary Counselor