• Crossroads General Information

    Dear Parents/Community:

    Welcome to Crossroads!

    Crossroads is designed for at-risk students with discipline problems who are behind in academic credit and are at risk of not graduating from high school. With a non-traditional academic program, our goal is to provide opportunities for students who are unable to participate in a traditional classroom setting, most often because of discipline problems they have repeatedly accrued on their home campus. Specially-trained, certified, and highly-qualified teachers prepare lessons, teach, and assist the students in every subject the student is required to take while enrolled at Crossroads.

    Our staff members have the duty to create the safest environment possible for active learning. Alief ISD administrators and teachers have worked hard over the years to develop flexible, targeted assistance to help students who might otherwise drop out of school achieve their goals and earn a high school diploma. Parents or guardians are invited to meetings designed to inform them of their students’ progress. Absences are monitored on a daily basis with immediate telephone contacts made by the campus records specialist and teachers.

    It is our mission to help our students become successful citizens. Our faculty and staff still have the same drive and belief as any other teacher in Alief ISD, which is Preparing Students for Tomorrow. . .Caring for Them Today


    Tremayne Wickliffe - Principal


    Our purpose is to assist students in achieving academic and behavioral goals by providing them information, guidance, services, and outside resources when needed.  While the events and circumstances that precede enrollment in our school are sometimes unpleasant and/or stressful, it is hoped that student experiences in our program will be beneficial. At Crossroads our desire is to help the student maximize their success. 

    Crossroads offers a variety of programs in an attempt to meet needs of the students in the district.  We want to help our students focus their energy on learning.  To accomplish this goal, we need the support of the parents in upholding the rules so that the primary focus can be learning.  We want your child to be successful and we are looking forward to working with them.