• The Registrar's Office is responsible for all student academic records, past and present. This office performs student registration, processes and sends transcripts, receives paperwork regarding grade changes, withdrawals, graduation, and verification of enrollment (VOE).

    HOW DO I ... ?

    Q. Update my Student's Address
    A. Bring 2 current utility bills with the new address under the parent or legal guardian's name
    Q. Update my Student's Contact Numbers/Emergency Contact Information
    A. Only parents/legal guardians with picture ID may change a student's contact information
    Q. Request a Verification of Enrollment (VOE) to get my driver's license
    A. VOE Forms are issued to any student who is (1) currently enrolled (2) who met minimum attendance for class credit (90 Percent Rule) in each class they were enrolled in the fall or spring semester immediately preceding the date of application for the form. Refer to this VOE Flowchart for more information.
    Q. Request a Transcript
    A. Send a request by mail with a money order or cashier check for $2.00 and the following information:
          1) Address to where you want the transcript mailed
          2) Full name of student (ID number if available)
          3) Date of Birth 
          4) Graduation Year
          5) Copy of your picture ID