• Information for Instructional Staff approved for AISD Terminal Server Access

    Print Out for Reference


    • If you turned in and signed your Acceptable Use Policy for accessing the Remote Terminal server, you now have an account
    • In order to access the server, you will need a high-speed internet connection (dial-up is too slow for data transmission)


    1. To log in, go to the icon


                 windows icon

    2.  Search for the Remote Desktop Connection


    3.  Type in misvpn.aliefisd.net



    4.  log in demo

         District\username and your normal computer password

    1. You will see a connection window/click connect (you may get a warning message, but allow the content):


    You may also get a message to install a program to allow the Active content/and/or a gold bar across the top of the Explorer  browser window to click to install it- this is safe, and must be allowed in order to access the virtual network

    Once you see the logon screen, log on as you would at school



    **If you have difficulty logging on with a PC, please document your problem and contact the Technology Help Desk @281-498-8110,  X2530.  They are open 7:30-4:30 Monday through Friday.