• rose club     Rising On Self Esteem

                                         Our 3rd and 4th grade girls are invited to join this organization, which is geared to empower girls in the Hearne Community. Our girls participate in various activities which include learning correct etiquette, creating presentations, public speaking, conducting community outreach projects, and having great fun together.

     Gentlemen's Qualities  Gentlemen's Qualities

                                      Our 3rd and 4th grade boy are invited to join this organization, which is designed to empower our boys in the Hearne Community. Our boys participate in a number of activities all designed to help them to become productive citizens. The boys participated in food drives to help the community, outreach opportunities (which provide our boys with exposure to different careers), community clean ups, and collaboration activities.

    STEAM Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics Club

                                          Our STEAM Club is designed for students of all ages. Students who participate in this program design their own aircrafts, boats, rockets, robots, and Rube Goldberg Machines. The challenges presented to the students encourage collaboration and authentic thinking. Students in this program combine discuplines to obtain mastery. The student enjoy working with each other in mixed grade level groups. We also offer grade level STEAM activities throughout the school year.