• Clubs 2016-17

    Reading Together Learning Together

    Reading Together Learning Together (R2L2) is a tutor reading program.  It involves fourth grade students (tutors) teaching second grade students (tutees) how to read.  Tutors will benefit from motivation, organizational and leadership skills and a sense of pride/accomplishment for having helped someone.  Tutees will benefit from individual, one-on-one instruction, praise, feedback, encouragement, and a trusting relationship with an older peer/teacher. R2L2 will meet every Monday and Tuesday during enrichment time from 2:00-3:00 p.m.

    Please note that tutors/tutees are preselected by their teachers. 

    Lego Club

    Everything is awesome with the Lego Club!  Calling all kindergarten and first grade master builders to participate in Liestman’s first ever Lego Club!  We will use problem solving skills as well as teamwork to build both simple and more complex masterpieces using Legos.  Meetings will be held twice a month, on the second and fourth Wednesdays, at 7:15 in the morning  (location to be determined).  Our master builders must have an awesome attendance record and superior classroom behavior! 

    Art Curators Club

    For Third & Fourth Grade Students

    Cu~ra~tor (noun) – A keeper or manager of a gallery or museum

    The art curators club will assist Mrs. Zuniga with preparing and displaying student work, creating posters & banners and decorating our school for special events. In order to be a member of the art curators club, students must not be failing any subjects or have any office referrals. Students in the art curators club must be good leaders willing to work to beautify our school!

    We will meet Friday mornings from 7:20 – 7:50.


    Coding Club

    The coding club will introduce 1st and 2nd grade students to computer programming.  We will meet twice a month during PLC.  Students for this club will be selected by Mrs. Bonilla and Mrs. Sadberry based on INOVA data.

    Piano Club

    The purpose for the piano club is for students to learn music vocabulary, how to read music, and perform different songs. I will start this club with students in second grade.


    ABL Club

    Sponsored by Mr. Ramos

    The ABL Club uses brain compatible strategies to teach academics kinesthetically using movement with intention. Students will participate in various physical activities to help increase academic success.

    Girls STEM Club

    The Girls STEM Club members participate in activities and experiments involving science, technology, engineering and math.  The club will also explore different careers in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math.  Mrs. Sullivan and Mrs. Sadberry will select the 3rd and 4th grade girls for this club based on INOVA data and CIS data.


    Bike Club

    The Chipper Cycling Team will help 3rd and 4th grade students develop character and leadership by teaching discipline, consistency and stamina. This traits will be learned as we have fun riding our bikes 2 times a week.


    HOBBiT Boys Group

    The group will focus on tips and strategies that are designed to help them be more successful at school with their grades, their behavior, and their social interaction. The group will instruct them on becoming more responsible and being more accountable for their actions so that we can see growth in their school performance. This group is led by Mr. Tubbs and Mr. Day.


    Student Council

    Liestman Elementary is excited to announce the student-led Fourth Grade Student Council is ready to begin. Your child can become the President or Vice-President of their homeroom and take part in grade-level decisions concerning student functions and activities. To be considered for office your child must have maintained an A or A-B academic average from the previous school year, no office referrals last school year, maintained at least an “S” in conduct in the classroom as well as ancillary classes, have great school attendance, and follows the dress code daily.


    Garden Club

    The Garden Club is ecstatic about entering its 4th year of existence here at Liestman Elementary. We are open to all grade levels. We will focus on the development of leadership and teamwork skills, application of knowledge of parts of plants, deeper understanding of the life cycle, reinforcement of understanding of the importance of earth resources, and communal responsibility.


    Cooking Club

    Chipmunk Chefs Cooking Club is a hands-on cooking and education after school activity for 3rd and 4th grade students.  Our cooking classes will introduce the students to the pleasures of preparing and enjoying “real food” that is delicious and simple to prepare. Students will learn basic cooking skills and the joy of eating and cooking with fresh fruits and vegetables. Our Chipmunk Chefs will also be creating original recipes that include one non-meat protein, two veggies and fruits of different colors for our end of year Liestman Chopped Competition.  The Chipmunk Chefs Cooking Club will participate in the Liestman Cookie Bake Sales, Annual Volunteers Breakfast, and possibly other school related functions. Our goal is to empower the students to become conscious consumers of the food marketplace.  Parents are always welcome and encouraged to support the success of our Cooking Club.


    Liestman Choir


    Mission statement:

    The Liestman Choir will perform a variety of engaging quality music for our community. In preparing and presenting performances, we will work together to create a safe, positive, and encouraging learning environment for all involved.


    The LIESTMAN CHOIR is a performing music program designed for 4th graders enrolled at Liestman. This program welcomes both boys and girls!

    The program is meant to…

    *Nurture the love of music in every child.

    *Provide students with an opportunity to develop music performance skills throughout the fall semester,

    regardless of their current skill level or ability.

    *Provide educational music activities in a safe and cooperative environment, encouraging life-long learning for

    and appreciation of music.

    *Represent Liestman Elementary and Alief ISD within the community through public performance


    Movie Club

    The Movie Club strives to develop literacy skills by watching movies purposefully. Students will be asked to make predictions, inferences, and analyze literary elements (genre, characters, settings, etc), as well as develop higher level critical thinking skills.


    Activities: Approximately every 3 weeks, we will meet at Liestman after school hours to watch children movies.

    Student Capacity: 14

    Grade Levels: 2nd - 4th

    Champion Club

    The Champion Club seeks to develop students’ leadership skills through E-Colors training. Training includes providing a foundation for an effective communication that helps students understand their own and other people’s tendencies and personalities. There will be activities in different venues that this group will participate in throughout the year, like promoting literacy through COH’s Early Matters Initiative which is a part of the Touchdown Tours the Houston Super Bowl Host Committee is coordinating this semester. Training will be provided by Dr. De La Garza, CEO of E-Education Public Charity.  The club is open to boys or girls in grades 2-4.  The club sponsor is Mr. Galindo.     


    Master the Cards

    Any first grader can join the fun!  We will master the knowledge of numbers using playing cards and cards printed on cardstock.  From identifying numbers to finding the missing numbers to addition and subtraction.  We will practice individually and then compete.  We will have the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners announced on our Math website.  We will also learn about Good Sportsmanship!  We will meet every Friday or Thursday, when we are off on Friday at 7:15 am.

    Members – 1st grade students (for now)               Qty: 20