Language Arts/ Social Studies

  • Learning to Read - Kinder - Grade 2

    Students in primary grades K-2 are learning to read with the end goal of all students reading on grade level by third grade. To achieve this, students will learn to "crack the codes" of sound to letter correspondence, build syllables to make words, use words to build sentences, and use sentences to make meaning. They learn to read fluently with automaticity to build text comprehension of what the author is saying.

    Reading to Learn - Grades 3-6

    Students in grade three through six use reading as a tool to understand big ideas presented across various genres and subject areas. A confident reader has the ticket to opportunity in the world.  

    Struggling Readers

    Learning to read and write can sometimes be difficult. Struggling readers and writers need perscriptive instruction to help them meet their needs.  Each campus has a reading intervention program to provide support for your child's literacy challenges. Contact the language arts specialist about how to help your child.



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  • Language Arts Specialist Grades PreK - 2nd

    Teresa Adams


    Language Art Specialist Grades 3-4

    Sadie Jones