Elsik Ninth Grade Center Welcomes You!

  • Elsik Ninth Grade Center welcomes all Parents, Business Owners, and all Stakeholder to join us in building a Stronger and Smarter Community. 

    A Shared Decision-Making Committee (SDC) shall be established on each campus.  The SDC will uphold the following duties.  

    • Assist the principal in development, review, and revision of the CAP
    • Provide input to improve student performance
    • Establish campus goals and strategies with guidance from the principal
    • Advise & make recommendations to the principal in curriculum, budget, staffing patterns, goal setting, and school organization TEC 11.253(e) & (BQB)Local
    • Develop and approve staff development (TEC 21.451) & (BQB)Local
    • Hold at least one public meeting per year after receipt of the Accountability rating to discuss campus performance objectives