SDC/FAME Committee

    2018-2019 Members


    Maria Ayala- Parent

    Lisa Harvey- Parent

    Karmen Molina- Parent

    Vidal Isaac- FAME Rep.

    Itzel Gomez- Parent Liaison

    Diana Zabre- Pre K

    Jesus Mercado- Kindergarten

    Isela Jimenez-Ruiz- 1st grade

    Glenda Holman- 1st grade

    Cynthia Obrero- 2nd grade

    Lourdes Ocasio- 3rd grade

    Rachael Egbe- 4th grade

    Carol Kaufmann- Block

    Corrinne Knowles- Math Specialist

    Vacant- Community Rep.

    Jesus Vega- BWW- Business Representative

    Kelly Alonso- District Improvement Specialist

    Emelin Rubio- Secretary

    Amanda Vega- Title/Bridge- Facilitator

    Kristen Creeggan- Principal

  • SDC Committee Meeting Minutes

    Date:  October 3, 2017

    Place: Sneed’s Library

    Time : 3:15 – 5:05 pm.

    Welcome SDC/FAME members

    September notes will be sent via email upon Ms. Holman’s return to school. The committee will vote (yes or no) with the voting buttons to approve or disapprove the September meeting notes.

    The SDC/FAME Committee moved to the CCC lab to sign in to Plan4learning program.

    Mrs. Vega made revisions to the CAP and updated the goals that were edited from September’s meeting.

    Each committee member logged on to P4L and clear up any issues such as user ids, or passwords not working.

    The purpose of today’s meeting was to evaluate the Campus Action Plan strategies. The committee broke up into groups by campus goals. Each goal had people that had knowledge in that area to evaluate each strategy that’s

    under that specific goal. Committee members that worked on each objective are attached below.

    • Goal 1: Alief ISD will close the achievement gap to ensure that all students reach their academic potential
    • Goal 2: Alief ISD will improve student preparation for college and career. 
    • Goal 3: Alief ISD will maintain a safe and orderly environment
    • Goal 4: Alief ISD will recruit, develop, and retain highly qualified and effective personnel
    • Goal 5: Alief ISD will continue to build positive relationships with all stakeholders.

    Dr. Maldonado was directed to the Needs Assessment portion of Plan4earning. Due date is October 31, 2017.

    The committee completed the formative review and discussed some of the strategies that were at hand.

    The Campus Action Plan will be summarize at a staff meeting on October 26th. Presentation will be 5-7 minutes using the Kahoot app.


    Mrs. Gonzalez briefly talked about the FAME goals that were created at the Family Engagement Conference on September 25 & 26 along with parents that attended the conference. These were the two goals that were discussed:

    ·    Improve 2 way communications while creating/supporting a welcoming environment.

    ·    Increase school support to home learning.

    We discussed at our conference that we will use coffee with the principal, open house, and other school functions to support and promote our two goals.

    Returning business/ new business

    Parent compact and family engagement was sent to Dr. Maldonado and Mr. Isaac for final approval. When approved, the documents will be copied and ready for parents at open house. Parents will read and sign the forms.

    The teacher will keep the receipts in a folder in their cabinet until the end of the year for Title I documentation.

    Ms. Knowles has got our Title I information to present at our October open house.

    Next Meeting: November 7, 2017

    Meeting Adjourned: 5:05



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