• Please be patient as we post schedules and possible groupings over the next few weeks.  There are a lot of moving parts and we must have several contingencies in place to allow for social distancing, etc.  


    Here are a few definitive guidelines for right now (this is not an exhaustive list):

    • Athletes must remain socially distanced (6ft apart at all times) unless the coach directed activity requires them to be within 6ft. (example: passing each other while swimming in the lane)
    • Athletes will be required to wear masks at all times indoors right now, unless they are actively swimming.  Athletes will be able to place their mask and towel next to the wall so they are able to remain dry and then enter the water.  (As this evolves we will update)
    • Currently, we are allowed 1 per lane;  When we come back face-to-face on October 12.  This could change at any time.
    • Water fountains are off-limits.  Bring water to practice daily if possible.


    Current Locker Room Procedures


    • No Locker rooms
    • When back at face-to-face school specific expectations  will be set, but we are currently allowed to only have 2 boys in the boys locker room and 2 girls in the girls locker room to maintain social distance parameters.  
    • Only those who are on-campus that day will be allowed to change in the locker rooms


    If athletes use an inhaler, epipen, or insulin pump we are required to hold a spare one for them.  We keep this in our box on the pool deck in case of an emergency.   Please make sure the athlete name is clearly marked and the medicine has not expired and then place in a ziplock baggie with the athlete name. 


    I know this is a lot of information and it will continue to evolve.  Most importantly, we want to provide a safe place for your athlete to reach their goals.  


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