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    Math Club students construct a patent pending mathematics learning and teaching device and explore algebraic concepts and problem-solving in a preferred manner—concrete investigations followed by pictorial and abstract representations.  The math kits (“Magic Math Kits”) are constructed, painted and owned by the students and may be used throughout the school year.

    Objectives of the Club include:

    • Encourages critical thinking and perseverance by tapping into students’ desire to solve puzzles.
    • Provides students with concrete/kinesthetic/spatial and linguistic explorations leading to a marked gain in number sense.
    • Encourages intuitive learning of variables, expressions, equalities and inequalities.
    • Offers support and scaffolding for algebraic concepts with which students have difficulty.
    • Provides students with a concrete, pictorial and intuitive foundation for algebra, which is essential to further study in mathematics and science.
    • Enhanced self-confidence and self-esteem with respect to mathematics.

    The Math Club sessions are held Thursdays from 4:00 to 5:10 PM for 9 weeks.  Students may continue pursuing math club challenges throughout the school year during “recess” periods and with teacher permission if they wish, and volunteering to mentor new members throughout the year.

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